New Leaders Council creates trust, belonging, and inclusion across different backgrounds through shared experiences that deepen relationships in cohorts, chapters and the national network.


of 2023 NLC Fellows said, “I am more confident in my ability to be an engaged alumni, tap in to my local network, and give back to my local chapter.”


of 2023 NLC Fellows said, “I am more confident in my ability to form new collaborations in local contexts with people from different sectors and with different identities.”

New Leaders Council creates opportunities to practice skills that build power for the underrepresented – communications/narrative, fundraising, organizing, policy making and advocacy.


of 2023 NLC Fellows said, “I am more confident in my ability to create a timeline for my projects, identify accountability partners, and create a plan to present my ideas to an audience.”


of 2023 NLC Fellows said, “I understand how my strengths, passions, values, and needs affect the way I show up as a leader.”

New Leaders Council builds connective infrastructure across perspectives that expand resources for collective action by reaching the root issues from multiple angles and perspectives.


of 2023 NLC Fellows said that they will actively mobilize voters in the upcoming election cycle.


of 2023 NLC Fellows said that they will advocate for policy change in their community after completing NLC Institute.

Fernando Trejo-Lozano

NLC Silicon Valley 2023

Vanessa Garcia Polanco

NLC Washington DC 2023 Agriculture

Lucina Kayee

NLC Twin Cities 2023

Joanne Celestin

NLC Orlando 2023

Adena White

NLC Arkansas 2023

Yannick Wood

NLC New Jersey 2023

Sarah Allred

NLC San Antonio 2023


NLC New Hampshire 2023

Adam Powell

NLC Austin 2023

Erika Ngo

NLC Sacramento 2023

Imran Hossain

NLC New York City 2023


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers regarding 2025 New Leaders Council Application


When does the application close?

Wednesday, September 18th at 10am CT

What is the cost to apply?

The NLC Application has a $30 application fee. If this is a barrier, please email [email protected].

NLC Institute cost

If selected for the 2025 NLC Institute cohort, you will be asked to provide a refundable $200 seat deposit during intake in November 2024.

We do not want cost to be a barrier to anyone to participate. If selected and you are unable to provide seat deposit, your intake letter will include financial options.

When will i receive an update?

Applicants will be updated in November 2024.

Program and schedule

When is the nlc institute?

The NLC Institute Experience runs from January – June. NLC Fellows will get together for programming once a month over a weekend. Institute weekends are typically Saturday – Sunday.

Exact dates will be shared by the local chapter during the interview process.

Is nlc institute in person or virtual?

At this time, NLC Institute is in person.