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New Leaders Council-Montana – Training Montana’s Community Leaders since 2009

New Leaders Council – Montana is a free progressive leadership training institute. One weekend per month over 6 months, our fellows develop skills that will increase their positive impact in our state. Our graduates have founded non-profits, served in public office (we currently have 5 alumni serving in the MT Legislature!), opened businesses, and continue to be strong community and business leaders.


NLC Montana alumni currently serving in the Montana Legislature.


Since 2009, we have trained over 150 place-based leaders in Montana.

“My NLC fellowship was one of the most impactful experiences of my life. I frequently rely on the skills that NLC taught me in my work on a statewide campaign, and the network of change-makers that I connected with during my time at NLC has served as an incredible support system. Not to mention that I am currently working with another NLC alumni elected to statewide office. I am incredibly grateful to be an NLC alum.”

– Sophie Moon (she/her)
2018 NLC Montana Fellow

NLC-MT seriously restored my faith in humanity. Every fellow I have met fights so hard every day to create a Montana that I was proud to call home, and the board members at the time were so dedicated and passionate that I knew I wanted to continue to help out.

– Dr. Anna Zelaya (she/her)
2017 NLC Montana Fellow

“NLC immersed me in a crowd of passionate, driven, brilliant individuals who inspired me to action and growth. I made amazing new allies (and friends!) across Montana that share my values and are cooperating to make the world better. Skills I developed in NLC have become the tools I use regularly to advocate for issues, and now run for office.”

– Kelly Kortum (he/him)
2018 NLC Montana Fellow



Anja Wookey-Huffman

Blake Cilwik

Fitzgerald Clark

Julie Tripp

Kate Sheridan

Katjana Stutzer

Kelly Armington

Mallory Stefan

Matthew Asaro

Nolan Harris

Olympia Gioulekas

Shibu Arens

Ty Gardner


Aja Desmond

Anna Weinberg

Katie Keehr

Maddison Wilhite

Marit Olson

Megan Harbaugh

Nate Podgajny

Rose Goldich

WJ Woods


Alex Clark

Andrew Valainis

Anna Howard

Chiachi Hwang

Dan Cohn

Danielle Vazquez

Erin Tate

Jordan Sweeney

Kayte Kaminski

Kya Sorli

Lauren Gette-King

Michael Nelson

Michael Wainwright

Michael Desrosier

Sarah Korn

Stephan Cardella


Amanda Dellwo

Caitlin Piserchia

Elizabeth Samson

Elizabeth Albers

Eric Schmidt

Jessica Wilkerson

Katie Sutton

Kelly Kortum

Laura Camilleri

Leah Berry

Makenna Sellers

Marguerite Jodry

Mariana Cahalan

Maura Jones

Megan Petersen

Nikki Robb

Rebecca Stanton

Sophie Moon


Ann Truesdell

Anna Zelaya

Beth Williams

Emma Kerr-Carpenter

Heather Leach

Jade Bahr

Jessica Lee

Katelynn Essig

Katharina Werner

Kimberly Weaver

Mariah Gladstone

Meghan Montgomery

Rachel Pauli


Anita Green

Becca Boslough

Emily Tosoni

Hannah Hostetter

Jessica Milakovich

Katherine Sullivan

Katie Neskey

Leidy Wagener

Mark Dostal

Mary Rochelle

Tom Aldrich


Amanda Opitz

Ella Smith

Erica De Forrest

Jake Brown

Jill Feldhusen

Jillian Whelan

June Noel

Maria Kendra

Micah Sewell

Miranda Fox

Pete Bolenbaugh

Peter Knox

Stephanie Ralls


Anna Wallace

Asa Hohman

Emily Likins

Jake Lapke

Laura John

Lilly Matti

Maggie Moran

Nancy de Pastino

Shanna Ungate

Topher Williams


Aaron Curtis

Amanda Harrow

Jessica Folmar

Karl Hallgrimson

Katie McKeown

Megan Hill

Micah Nielsen

Michelle Williamson

Rebecca Pettit

Robyn Hegland

Spencer Paddock

Tal Goldin


Ali Carlson Kelly

Debbie Saylor

Elizabeth Harrison

Emily Bulger

Katherine Nelson

Kelsey Stamm

Kimberly Dudik

Lexie Wallace

Meghann Paddock

Meri Althauser

Shelbi Dantic

Skander Spies


Alex Johnson

Bonnie Gail

Daniel Viehland

Denver Henderson

Dustin Hankinson

Erin Klahn

Jamie Metzenberg

Jenifer Gursky

Katie Carlson

Kelly McGuire

Luke Walawander

Molly White

Morgan Stier Slemberger

Ross Prosperi


Adam Tucker

Amber Pence

Cari Kimball

Chris Mathers

Gabe Furshong

Ginger Aldrich

Lacey Wilkins

Lauren Smith Caldwell

Lucas Childress

Lynsey Bourke

Mariam Mick

Ray Davis

Tashi Dondup

Zack Porter


Anita Vatshell

Bryce Bennett

Caitlin Copple

Derek Goldberg

Ellie Hill

Emily Bentley

Jason Wiener

Keri McWilliams

Matt Singer

Olivia Riutta

Sarah Cobler

Tracy Cosgrove

Zoe O’Neil

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