Angeline Cheek – Montana


Angeline Cheek – Montana, Lakota/Dakota

Prior to joining the ACLU of Montana in 2019, Angeline’s track record of fighting against injustice and civil rights violations in her community includes organizing prayer walks across the reservation and in the surrounding area, community walks in opposition of drugs/alcohol, and suicide prevention. She is passionately opposed to the Keystone XL Pipeline. Aside from the negative environmental impact that a pipeline would bring to her homelands, she warns against the effects of “man camps,” the temporary housing facilities that accompany resource development projects – like oil pipelines. Man camps often bring unwanted drug and human trafficking to rural communities and are directly contributing to a rise in violence and the epidemic of Missing and/or Murdered Indigenous Women.

Angeline also works to address the education inequalities Native students face in her community. She formerly worked as a Native Student Advocate in Wolf Point Schools. As a student in Brockton schools, she organized to help students get new clothes and school supplies. She is an alumnus of Fort Peck Community College where she graduated with honors gaining an Associate of General Studies/Elementary Education degree. She attended Black Hills State University pursuing a Bachelor of Education degree. With just Student Teaching left, she took a break from college after her grandmother passed away. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. Among other positions, Angeline has previously worked with Indian People’s Action, Ft. Peck Tribes Education Department, the Fort Peck Juvenile Detention Center, and at Brockton High School, Native HOPE, and was a Be Under Your Own Influence Campaign Board Member.

In all of her work, Angeline relies upon foundational Lakota cultural teachings and ways of knowing. In her journey, she thanks and appreciates everyone who has come together in a good way for the people.