Portland Chapter

We train, connect, and uplift the next generation of leadership in Portland.

We are proud to be the first NLC chapter in the Pacific Northwest! NLC Portland trains cross-sector leaders who are committed to moving the communities they serve forward, and provide the skills and network to make progress a reality. By developing and connecting proximate leaders across all professional sectors of our community, we are building a better future from the ground up.


Since our founding, we’ve trained 82 place-based leaders in the Portland area.


We’ve provided 7,000+ hours of training to Portland’s emerging leaders, at no cost to participants.


Years serving place-based leaders in Portland.

“I really value the NLC community because it is filled with such passionate, smart, and like-minded folks from all different sectors of our community that are united by a dedication to making positive change in our shared world.”

– Michelle Rubin (she/her)
2020 NLC Portland Fellow

“I would like to share deeply how I benefited from this program with New Leaders Council – Portland chapter. Truly, this group is doing the best it can to provide top notch training to help bring up the next generation of progressive leaders.

– Wilson Kubwayo (him/him)
2020 NLC Portland Fellow



Adam Lewis

Erik Croswell

Grace Badik

Hsin-Cheng Kuo

Jacob Merkle

Janet Jacquier

Joey Gleason

Julie Sliga

Katherine McDevitt

Kimberly Koops

Maeve Whelan-Wuest

Makenzie Marineau

Mason Wordell

Michelle Rubin

Mike Savara

Octavia Chambers

Oliver Warfield

Sophia Clark

Wilson Kubwayo


Ann Kirkpatrick

Brit Eagan

Cara Sandels

Danielle Olson

Emma Arnesty-Good

Irene Routté

Irene Squizzato

Janel Hull

Janna Newman

Jillian Johnsen

Joanie Wang

Kanika Agrawal

Kenya Juarez

Keri Hunt

Kristin Sellers

Lindsey Sadlou

Milo Dittrich

Nick Cain

See Eun Kim

Thomas Kim

Victor Mercado


Ahmad Haram

Alexa Jakusovszky

Alexis Cooley

An Do

Ana Azizkhani

Andrea Gall

Candice Porter

Carlina Arango

Desiree Wiliams

Elliott Tran

Ho onani Andermann

Jennifer Parrish Taylor

Jesse Neilson

Kim Hack

Maham Ahmed

Mark Bond

Meagan Morrow

Michelle Hansmann

Taylor Sarman

Wentemi Kante


Alex Lebow

Andreea Barbu

Blake Kast

Cheryl Curry

Christian Maynard-Philipp

Cody Chasteen

Crys O Grady

Dominic Lopez

Elaura Dunning

Gnora Gumanow

Hannah Rosenau

Isis Harris

Katie Morrice

Lauren Newman

Rachel Gowland

Stephanie Duncker

Whitney Hall

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