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Advancing progress in Palm Beach

In Palm Beach, there is always opportunity for young professionals to grow and enhance their leadership. Through our six-month Institute, NLC Palm Beach provides training and access to networks that help place-based leaders across all industries make Palm Beach more inclusive and equitable for all.


We’ve trained 105 emerging leaders in Palm Beach since 2015.


Members of the Palm Beach community who serve as mentors to NLC Fellows.


Elected officials from the NLC Palm Beach alumni network.

Not only have I gained new professional connections, I have also gained a new family in my NLC cohort. Despite the challenges of the pandemic I felt just as close, connected, and engaged as being in the same room with my NLC class. I highly recommend it for upcoming leaders.

– Kersti Myles
2021 Palm Beach Fellow

NLC has given me a community and the confidence to believe in myself again, the same belief, my grandmother had in me to make a positive difference. My family granted me the opportunity at an education to make a difference…The same principle I see with NLC, the strength of one cohort passes down to the next continuing to light the will of leadership. I am inspired by NLC to pass on that gift of education, community leadership, and the simple notion of believing in someone else.

– Tevin Ali
2021 Palm Beach Fellow



Alexis Lockhart
Breanna Lewis
Cory Rudorf
Edithe Delhomme
Kimberley Spire-Oh
Kristen Ferguson
Leroy Kelson IV
Michelle Aldas
Michelle Celestin
Omanex Jean
Ontario Johnson
Pablo Garcia Lau
Paige Shortsleeves
Shyleice Watson
Taneria Mitchell
Wegina Barosy



Alexa Guy
Anderson Phebe
Chrystal Rambarath
Gerald Hearns
Irlanda Bessard
Jacoby Waters
Jennifer Blatt
Jessica Tobin
Julia Montejo
Kersti Myles
Kiera Hester
Lakeshia Bailey
Matthew Taudien
Molly Brown
Nigel Johnson
Rashad Henderson
Samuel Pierre
Sara Haas
Taraneisha Burgess
Tevin Ali


Alexina Jeannite

Altavia Evans

Angela Cruz

Anne Kruse

Aubrey Talton

Charity Lewis

Daphnee Uter

Devon Lewis-Buchanan

Eric Meyers

Francky Pierre-Paul

Gloria Roker

Jalynsey Brown

Joane Celestin

Jodie Boisvert

Kayla vanWieringen

Maria Torres-López

Rachel Mondesir

Rachel Williams

Tomas Alcala

Xahej “Xi” Bajipura


Roseline Joseph

Cornelia Dean

Denesha Merchant

Devin Powell

Elton Louis

Gary Pelletier

Georgette Cartagena

Jasmin Lewis

Jessica Celona

Jordano Medina

Maya Underwood

Melissa Loftman

Nazbi Mowla Chowdhury

Roseline Joseph

Sarenka Smith

Tiffany Lanier


Alex Newell Taylor

Alexandria Ayala

Ashley Cacicedo

Brieana Salter

Debbie Origho Manigat

Eric Bruns

Geraldine Pierre

Giselle Bodden

Justine Scott

Kasey Lewis

LaToya Benjamin

Rob Long

Thomas Valeo


Adam Ramsey

Aeriell Jordon-Robinson

Carla Erskine

Char-Nequa Simpkins

David Sholl

Devon West

Jaevery McFadden

James Cohen

Jasmine Govan

Laurel Considine

Lucie Pinto

Matthew Benzion

Nathaniel Merritt

Robert Gusrae

Sheree Anderson

Suze Fleureme-Courtney

Tonya Cajuste

Venette Pierre


Amanda Canete

Amanda Brown

Ben Durgan

Clarice Redding

Coline Jerome

Danielle Kennedy

Jackie De Carvalho

Janiece Davis

Kimberly Diaz

Lauren Neely

Tinuade Pena

Wisny Marcellus


Alta Joseph

Ana Zagazeta

Andy Thomson

Ashley Ridley

Blonsky Batalien

Carly Cass

Davicka Thompson

Debbie Satyal

Jervonte Edmonds

Katherine Murphy

Kimberly Diaz

Richardo Jackson

Scott Holtz

Sena Moran

Shelly-Ann Gibson

Steve Licari

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