Carlton Jones


Carlton Jones - 2024 NLC Palm Beach Fellow

Carlton, CEO of Divine Wall Murals, revolutionizes urban spaces with stunning wall art through his unique blend of technology and collaboration. With a rich background in photography, custom shirt design, and mechanical engineering, he now focuses on creating breathtaking interior murals. At Divine Wall Murals, Carlton works closely with local artists, transforming their visions into large-scale murals and aiding in their reproduction for resale.

His vision extends beyond art; Carlton is deeply committed to community enrichment. He envisages community gardens as vibrant hubs, showcasing local art while educating on sustainable food practices and reconnecting people with nature. Through these gardens, he aims to address food shortages and foster a sustainable living ethos.

Carlton’s dedication to artistry, community empowerment, and environmental awareness positions Divine Wall Murals as a beacon of innovation and social responsibility. His efforts not only beautify spaces but also cultivate a sense of unity and ecological mindfulness.