June 16, 2024

Happy Father’s Day! We asked New Leaders Council dads what advice they’d share about parenting in Fathers & The Future: Raising The Next Gen. This special “fatherly” edition of our blog features alumni Brian Nicklas Rosario (NLC Los Angeles 2013), Derrick M. Rainey (NLC Arkansas 2023) and Alan Campbell (NLC Atlanta 2020).

Brian Nicklas Rosario (NLC Los Angeles 2013)

Brian Nicklas Rosario (NLC Los Angeles 2013) and his family.

Every morning I ask my kids, What does greatness require? And they answer (E)nergy, (A)ttitude, and (T)oughness, using the acronym GREAT: Greatness Requires Energy Attitude Toughness.

I believe it’s important that we teach our kids the attributes to be successful while normalizing failing. Failing is creating the opportunity to respond to the journey towards mastery.”

Derrick M. Rainey (NLC Arkansas 2023)

Derrick M. Rainey (NLC Arkansas 2023) and his daughter.

“Parenting is not biological. As I’ve had countless “parents” guiding me throughout my life. Being a father is an honor and a choice. I’m grateful to my father and seek to be the best man and father I can because of his example. My daughter brings life, structure and even greater meaning to my life.

Choose to father not only biological children but those placed in your life as mentees by parenting them to greatness. As I expressed to the graduates of NLC Arkansas ‘24, if we do this right, then we’ll cultivate generational legacy for NLC ‘44 and beyond. Being a father has the same, if not greater impact.”

Alan Campbell (NLC Atlanta 2020)

Alan Campbell (NLC Atlanta 2020) and his son.

“Being a father has taught me to listen , adapt and understand. Fatherhood isn’t so much a title as it is a journey to becoming everything that your child needs and more.”

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