SW Ohio Chapter

Supporting a new kind of leader for SW Ohio

NLC SW Ohio is committed to supporting young local leaders working to make a difference in their communities. Focused on engagement, intersectionality, accountability and progress, our young chapter is already creating real results for our region.


NLC Graduates in the two years since our founding.


Community-focused projects that have come to life through NLC SW Ohio Capstones.

“When I was asked to join NLC, I was really apprehensive because I wasn’t super politically involved. But as I went through the Institute I quickly learned that it was more about building a community of people that just want to create a better world for everyone and I knew I wanted to be a part of that.”

– Rachel Easter (she/her/hers)
2020 NLC SW Ohio Fellow

“This group has challenged and supported me in ways I never expected. I am so grateful for the work NLC has done to create a space for us to get involved and create progressive change in our community.”

– Kait Bell (she/her/hers)
2020 NLC SW Ohio Fellow

2024 NLC SW Ohio Fellows

NLC SW Ohio Alumni


Anna Albi
Bianca Owens
Brent Edwards
Brice Mickey
Isaac Goff-Mitchell
Jessie Postell
Joseph Malek
Kerry Rundle McIver
Larra Lapid
Laura Marie Davis
Storm Boyd
Vada Stephens


Alissa Mayhaus
Ellen Rakowski
Erica Horton
Jala Stephens-Bertin
Jeremy Schlicher
Kaitlyn Geiger
Kathleen Connor
Laura Estandia
Mark Niehaus
Matthew Hulme
Natasha Mitchell
Sincerrai Gentry


Chantia Pearson
Chris Anderson
Daniel Zimmer
David Chimusoro
Eunique Avery
Faith Gingrich-Goetz
Jose Sanchez
Kendra Broadwater
Mary Kate Genis
Matthew Heldman
Nora Rowaily
Samantha McLean
Sarah Fischer
Shawn Krishnan
Stephanie Patiño-Garfias
Tatiana Aristizabal


Andrew Brown

Briana Snyder

Brianna Wilson

Darius Beckham

Dominique Francisco

Eddie Davenport

Edward Smith

Hillary Kenkel

Janiah Miller

Juliana Madzia

Kait Bell

Lauren White

Melissa Bertolo

Nick Lennon

Rachel Easter

Rebecca Salley

Samantha Shattuck

Siobhan Tellez

Thomas Caruso

Virginia Tallent

Zachary El-Sawaf

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