Vashti Proctor


Vashti Proctor - 2024 NLC Kentucky Fellow

Vashti Proctor is a community organizer, educator and creative, whose work is rooted in Black Liberation. With a background in Anthropology from the University of Louisville, she now serves as the Development and Marketing Manager for Amped, a nonprofit shaping a creative ecosystem for Black-led initiatives in music, technology, and business. She has worked on numerous campaigns that center the struggles of Black and Indigenous folks. She has organized efforts to demand accountability from large social institutions all the way down to local elected officials and has worked on 3 Kentucky campaign cycles, focusing on fundraising, field organizing, and canvassing.

Committed to building collective power, especially among the younger generation, she echoes Frederick Douglass, “The World belongs to the youth”, emphasizing the pivotal role of youth in shaping a new era of justice.Vashti consistently centers Black creative voices, using her platform to foster organic social change. Actively involved in the Louisville Hip Hop scene, she not only participates but organizes events that authentically center artists. Beyond her work, catch her at concerts, hiking, reading radical literature, but most cherishing moments with her babygirl, Aaliyah.