Ryan Berger


Ryan Berger - 2024 NLC New Jersey Fellow

Ryan Berger is a firm believer in good government, a history buff, a defender of LGBTQ+ rights, and an advocate for clean drinking water and sound environmental policy.

His current role as Vice President of MDA Public Affairs takes him across the state and throughout the halls of the Statehouse in Trenton. Prior to this, he served on campaigns for Governor Phil Murphy and Congressman Tom Malinowski, and worked in constituent affairs for New Brunswick Mayor Jim Cahill. He currently serves on the Executive Board of the Middlesex County Democratic Organization’s LGBT Caucus.

Ryan earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and History from Rutgers University as an Undergraduate Associate at the Eagleton Institute of Politics.

When he is not working (which is rare) Ryan can be found enjoying bar trivia with his fiancé, Marrin (who does most of the work), or finding an excuse to listen to a podcast.