Rebecca Menosey Sine

Any pronouns

Rebecca Menosey Sine - 2024 NLC Los Angeles Fellow

Rebecca Menosey Sine (any pronouns) is a wellness practitioner and community advocate who strives for a future where medical systems are revolutionized and whole-person wellness is a basic, accessible, and indispensable part of each and everyone’s life. Born and raised in Los Angeles to Cameroonian parents, they combine art, indigenous wisdom, and their professional experience in holistic healthcare to support deeper levels of wellbeing for their local community and for their home culture. Rebecca graduated from UCLA in 2019 with a bachelor's degree in Psychological Biology, and served as President of SIM (Students for Integrative Medicine) in heavy involvement with the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine to help expand the scope of healthcare options that address root causes of disease. As a 2014 Fellow of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Rebecca knows that their passion for evidence-based alternative methods of achieving wellbeing is a lifelong legacy in the making.