Naomi Gail Gregorio


Naomi Gail Gregorio - 2024 NLC Silicon Valley Fellow

Naomi Gregorio (she/her) is interested in working towards a sustainable economy by supporting local resilience and empowering communities to cultivate the places they call home. She spent her childhood in the Philippines, which instilled the value of “bayanihan”— a Tagalog word referring to a spirit of collective unity and cooperation. Afterwards, her family immigrated to Los Angeles County (coincidentally in an area also called the South Bay). Naomi moved to the Bay Area to attend Stanford University, where as a proud FLI graduate, she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master's Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. She has fulfilled both private and public sector roles in renewable energy procurement & policy, heavy civil construction, and transportation project delivery. Naomi enjoys reading about the global diaspora, learning to cook Filipino dishes, and caring for a small collection of houseplants as an aspiring plant tita.