Nando Felten


Nando Felten - 2024 NLC Detroit Fellow

Nando Felten, currently pursuing a Master's in Educational Design and Tech (SOE) at the University of Michigan (UMICH), has a remarkable journey of academic and community engagement. His dedication to fostering inclusivity began during his undergraduate years at UMICH, where he co-founded Building Successful Bridges (BSB). Through BSB, Nando provided invaluable career and professional development resources to minority students through workshops and networking opportunities. For the past four years Nando has continued his impact by assisting in the creation of a pioneering 4-year degree program at the School of Education, emphasizing problem-based learning and community engagement, known as LEAPS.

Today, Nando Felten represents Code Next in Detroit, where he plays a pivotal role in establishing the organization's presence in the community. He forges partnerships with local tech companies, nonprofit organizations, and schools, acting as a liaison between Code Next and influential regional partners like Michigan Central and the Ford Foundation.