Mayra A. Varillas Cilia


Mayra A. Varillas Cilia - 2024 NLC Los Angeles Fellow

Mayra A. Varillas Cilia (she/her) is an analyst and advocate of immigrant rights. Originally from the Mixteca Poblana, an indigenous area in Mexico, Mayra is dedicated to serving underrepresented communities. Mayra is a proud graduate of UCLA, where she became the first undocumented Mixtecan to graduate with a double major in Mathematics and Statistics. She has experience in survey design, statistical analysis, programming, and consulting for various fields including biostatistics, public policy, education, and entertainment. Mayra's passions include bridging the gap for underrepresented individuals in STEM careers through community ties and mentorship. She is the network leader of the Undocumented Alumni Association at UCLA. Her hobbies include running, yoga, and painting.