Marcella Hernandez Wild


Marcella Hernandez Wild - 2024 NLC Los Angeles Fellow

Marcella was born and raised in LA. She is an experienced public service professional with a passion for health equity. With years of experience working with community organizations and advocating for families, Marcella utilizes data to inform decision-making in policy and programming to better meet the needs of community members. She has predominantly managed projects serving the maternal and child health population in various sectors, ranging from inclusive immigration policy to expanding early childhood developmental screening programs. Marcella is currently interested in supporting the mental health and criminal justice sector; specifically, employing a preventative public health approach to traditionally punitive strategies. With a career founded in serving the community, she feels a strong sense of duty and passion for addressing systemic issues while remaining mindful to include the voices of populations that have repeatedly been left out.

In her spare time, Marcella enjoys cycling, reading, dancing, and practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.