Lucy Calderon


Lucy Calderon - 2024 NLC Kentucky Fellow

Lucy Calderon (she/her), a 2023 summa cum laude Roy H. Park Scholar graduate from Ithaca College, is a dedicated political activist, organizer, and journalist from Louisville, Kentucky. She holds a bachelor's degree in Journalism with concentrations in Women’s and Gender Studies and Health Policy and Management. Inspired by her experiences as a Jewish woman in Kentucky, Lucy employs her compassion to advocate for human rights and elevate voices in underserved communities, particularly for reproductive justice. Notably, she served as the Coalition Director for Women on Charles Booker’s U.S. Senate Campaign. Lucy delights in dancing, discovering new restaurants, and immersing herself in books. She is currently engrossed in a three-month field study throughout India, exploring the intersections of public health and gender, and conducting independent research at the Comprehensive Rural Health Project. In December, Lucy is set to join the policy department at Kentucky’s Planned Parenthood upon her return to Louisville.