Komal Singh


Komal Singh - 2024 NLC Sacramento Fellow

Komal Singh (she/her) is a dedicated advocate for education and financial aid equity, currently pursuing a Master in Public Administration (MPA) with an emphasis in Public Policy at University of Southern California (USC). Holding a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science from UC Davis, she brings a comprehensive understanding of the intersection of health and education. With a diverse background in various leadership roles, including Financial Aid Officer at UC Davis, Warehouse Supervisor, and Operations Manager, Komal has honed her leadership and change management skills. As the current Cal-SOAP Coordinator at the California Student Aid Commission, she actively promotes education access by providing essential administration support.

Holding Leadership 101 Certification, Komal is a proactive leader in education, focusing on inclusivity and accessibility. Recognized with the 2022 Rookie of the Year award at UC Davis, she is dedicated to fostering financial aid equity and access in higher education.