Kita Adams


Kita Adams - 2024 NLC Houston Fellow

Meet Kita Adams (she/her), a 31-year-old Houston native forging profound paths in academia. Armed with a Communication degree from UT Austin and a master's in Education Leadership from UT San Antonio, Kita stands at the intersection of expertise and commitment. As a Medical Education Specialist and a tenacious 4th-year Ph.D. student, her research delves into the intricate factors influencing the academic success of Black women in medicine. A dedicated advocate for education equity, Kita has been a mentor in Big Brother Big Sister and an advisor for the Texas Southern University NAACP chapter.

Recognized as a 2023 Elizabeth D. Rockwell Ethics and Leadership scholar, she embodies the ethos of scholarly rigor and societal responsibility. Outside the academic realm, Kita finds solace in 90s and 00s TV, culinary exploration, and the company of her Labradane, Phoenix. In her journey, Kita combines seriousness of purpose with a subtle touch of lighthearted grace.