Juan Rodriguez


Juan Rodriguez - 2024 NLC Silicon Valley Fellow

Juan Rodriguez, a first-generation Mexican immigrant and San Jose State University graduate, demonstrates a steadfast commitment to public service. His professional background includes internships at Alameda County Social Services and over three years of dedicated service as District Representative for the 25th California State Assembly District. Currently holding a position as Democratic Delegate for the 23rd Assembly District and a member of the California Democratic Party Resolutions Committee, Juan aspires to influence policies at various government levels, prioritizing the empowerment of underrepresented voices.

Beyond politics, Juan mentors high school students in San Jose's underserved communities and college students interested in political science and government. He envisions a future marked by a strong support system and positive mentorship. During his free time, Juan enjoys park and movie dates with his partner and fur-baby. His interests encompass engaging in provocative conversations, movies, dancing, and exploring topics like science, space, and economics.