Jostin Grimes


Jostin Grimes - 2024 NLC Los Angeles Fellow

Jostin Grimes (he/him) is an equity and education advocate. He believes that every child deserves an equitable and progressive education. In his current role at Soundtrap, he works to activate student creativity while driving innovative learning outcomes. Jostin attended Morehouse College and graduated as the top ranking scholar in the Sociology department in 2017. In 2022, he co-hosted the podcast titled RecordEd Arts which was the official podcast from Soundtrap. Jostin lives in Los Angeles, CA where he enjoys running throughout LA with a local Black led run club called KeepItRunHundred. He has spent the last four years serving in a professional learning and customer success role at Soundtrap.

Jostin grew up in Gordon, GA with his grandparents and a tight knit Southern family. He is a strong advocate for LGBTQIA youth, adults, and Black communities and looks forward to making an impact in the communities that intersect his identities.