Ian Cruz


Ian Cruz - 2024 NLC San Antonio Fellow

Ian Cruz serves as Community Engagement & Media Manager for KLRN, San Antonio’s local PBS affiliate station. Using his enthusiasm and digital skills, he works to showcase the power of public media – from national favorites to local specials that highlight the community. As a military dependent, Ian grew up in locations both domestic and abroad. After graduating from the University of Texas at San Antonio, Ian spent three years teaching English in Japan via the JET Program. Upon returning to the U.S., he joined the city’s Global Engagement Office where he managed San Antonio’s network of international relationships. He facilitated numerous inbound and outbound delegations – including visits by The King & Queen of Spain and Japanese mascot, Kumamon. Ian is passionate about literacy, civic awareness, and LGBTQ+ causes. He spends far too much time online and enjoys reading, writing, and nerding out over the Eurovision Song Contest.