Geraldine Denasty


Geraldine Denasty - 2024 NLC Houston Fellow

Geraldine is a committed youth advocate who strives to create spaces to amplify voices of the youth and those in underserved communities. She is passionate about criminal justice reform, youth development and community empowerment. Her journey in working with nonprofits and government agencies has allowed her to work on the east coast on (Riker’s Island) and working in community building and education in Houston. She has served as a consultant for non-profit start-ups, provided trainings for youth advocacy & development, and most recently served as Board President for a youth serving organization.

Geraldine earned her graduate degree in Community Development from Prairie View A&M University. She continues to move the needle forward in mobilizing youth and communities to make an impact and being strengthened in their autonomy. In her pastime, you can find her reading a good book, traveling, and trying out new food spots.