Dr. Trinidad Jackson


Dr. Trinidad Jackson - 2024 NLC Kentucky Fellow

Dr. Trinidad Jackson is a proud son of St. Louis, MO, and currently resides in Louisville, KY. In November 2014, the fight for collective liberation summoned Dr. Jackson’s mind, body, and spirit back to St. Louis as a disruptor and social movement scientist during the Ferguson Uprising. Upon returning to Louisville in 2015, he led community-based participatory research that explored power, oppression, and the need for critical consciousness and action through lenses of justice, safety, hope, and racial equity. That uprising of the century has informed his actions for liberation work across all levels of our landscape, including policy.

His work has been disseminated at local, national, and international levels through academic publications, presentations, and art. He is currently an Asst. Dean and Asst. Professor at the University of Louisville and is a Senior Advisor in a Kentucky State Cabinet.