Donald Drake

Donald Drake - 2024 NLC Detroit Fellow

Donald Drake III exemplifies the power of unwavering determination, forged in the crucible of Detroit's westside and nurtured by his dedicated grandparents. As a genuine "D" boy, he embodies Detroit's unyielding spirit, relentlessly working to transform the region into a land of opportunities, attracting others to his cause with charisma and relatability. Fueled by a competitive spirit, Donald established "The MAC," a non-profit that brings underserved communities together. The MAC offers empowerment courses, homeless aid, job resources, and mentorship programs, anchored in his belief that a community is like a family.

In parallel to his philanthropic commitments, Donald is a Senior Clinical Consultant at Oracle Health, combining his expertise and compassion. He holds a Master's degree in Healthcare Administration from Champlain College. His life's mission is to build a better world, driven by an unwavering dedication to those in need, epitomizing the indomitable spirit of Detroit.