Cliven Anfernee Daluz


Cliven Anfernee Daluz - 2024 NLC Sacramento Fellow

Cliven Anfernee Daluz works for Greater Sacramento Urban League and wants to advance marginalized communities' interests by finding methods that create and promote equity of opportunity. He currently is part of the Resource Development team for the nonprofit organization and fulfills his duties by co-authoring grant applications, researching new opportunities, and strategizing new ways to engage stakeholders and the community. He graduated from University of California, Davis with a Bachelor's in Arts for English.

In his free time, Cliven enjoys to cook and even cooked professionally for a few years while he was an undergraduate in a Hibachi restaurant. The flashy tricks and corny jokes supplemented the impeccable timing and delicious food being served to his guests. He also enjoys playing games both online and in-person through board games.