Brian Hendershot


Brian Hendershot - 2024 NLC Sacramento Fellow

Brian Lee-Mounger Hendershot is a Korean American writer whose work centers on politics, art, identity, and online culture. He is currently the managing editor for the League of California Cities’ online publications, where he focuses on bringing stories about under-represented communities to the forefront. He also occasionally moonlights as a freelancer for niche online culture publications.

Hendershot started his writing career in the art world, where he played a key role in spearheading diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility changes at the Crocker Art Museum. He is a proud son of a blue-collar family from Oklahoma and holds bachelor’s degrees in religion and philosophy, as well as a master’s in communications from Drury University.

In his free time, Hendershot enjoys spending time with friends, eating his way through the greater Sacramento area, and consuming an unhealthy amount of pop culture.