Aubrey Burghardt


Aubrey Burghardt - 2024 NLC Houston Fellow

Aubrey is an all-around creative wrangler with a focus on the preservation of human culture. She holds a bachelor's degree in Physical Anthropology and a master's degree in Arts Leadership from the University of Houston.

Her professional journey draws from both profit and non-profit art sectors, showcasing her versatility and dedication to cultural preservation. Aubrey excels as an experienced fundraiser, demonstrating proficiency in relationship building, strategic planning, and data analysis. She has made impactful contributions to her local arts and culture community. Currently, she serves as a Development Director in Houston, promoting the arts.

Aubrey's commitment to fostering cultural dialogue extends beyond her professional pursuits. She has written previously for local publications and creates collage poetry. Her multifaceted approach to life reflects a deep-seated belief in the power of creativity to connect people and preserve the richness of human culture.