Angel Bernardino


Angel Bernardino - 2024 NLC Sacramento Fellow

Angel Bernardino (she/her) is a trans Mexicana who serves her community as the Trans Advocate and Student Services Specialist at the UC Davis LGBTQIA Resource Center. She is passionate about justice for all marginalized communities and has a strong sense of volunteerism. After graduating from UC Davis in 2020 with her bachelor's degree in political science, staying local became a priority to her as she learned about the needs of those in the greater Sacramento region. Angel is also a proud board member of the Sacramento Stonewall Foundation through which she can work on the betterment of the LGBT+ student experience in K-12. Apart from her work, Angel also enjoys gardening with native plants, spending time with her niblings, and caring for her animal friends. You can often find her hiking in Auburn or admiring wildlife at the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area.