Ana Esmeralda Gonzalez


Ana Esmeralda Gonzalez - 2024 NLC Houston Fellow

Ana Esmeralda González leverages her community organizing and leadership skills to spearhead GreenLatinos’ Texas Advocacy Program. Her journey as a first-generation immigrant from Guanajuato, Mexico, and a University of Texas at Austin graduate fuels her commitment to empowering environmental justice advocates. With a background in Health & Society and Business Administration, Ana combines academic knowledge with firsthand experience addressing environmental injustices in Houston, her current home.

Previously, Ana worked with Mi Familia Vota, bridging community advocates with key decision-makers across federal, state, and local levels. She champions the inclusion of frontline community members in environmental justice dialogues, valuing their expertise. Her vision is to equip Texas advocates to address local priorities and galvanize resources for collective progress.

Beyond her advocacy, Ana dedicated over 5 years volunteering in nonprofit organizations facilitating immigration applications, driven by a profound desire for thriving Latino communities. In her leisure, she loves to explore her city!