NLC Alumni Win Elections

Proximate leaders are changing the face of public service.

November 9, 2021

Proximate leaders are on-the-ground community changemakers who feel both the pulse of those they serve and have the local knowledge, connections, and perspective to inspire change. NLC believes that building a more equitable world starts in our own communities. We need ecosystems of proximate leaders who center equity and build trust, reflect the communities they serve, and connect with others across identities, industries, and issues to make a collective impact. Across the country, NLC alumni are making waves in their local communities and winning elections at not only the state and national level but in their cities too!

Check out these NLC alumni who celebrated electoral victories this November:

Congratulations to our NLC alumni for their monumental wins. We know that these local campaigns, no matter the end result, change the conversation about community-centered leadership. It takes courage to not only run for office but to dedicate time and energy to fuel political and social change. Whether they decided to run for office, worked behind the scenes on a campaign, or showed up at the polls to vote, one thing is clear: NLC alumni put their purpose to action. That is the power of NLC’s place-based networks.

While a historical lack of investment in proximate leadership has left too many local changemakers disconnected and siloed, each NLC chapter serves as a hub for local, community-centered impact and innovation. We are not only made up of tomorrow’s public servants, but those organizers, entrepreneurs, and non-profit leaders who support an ecosystem of leadership and shape our communities to build a more equitable world.

Movements for social and political change don’t end on Election Day. While we celebrate wins today, we know that creating collaborative, community-centered leadership requires long-term work. 

Know NLC alumni who won a state or local election? Let us know! Send an email to [email protected]