Valentina Carrero Bejarano


Valentina Carrero Bejarano - Austin

Valentina Carrero Bejarano is a housing advocate in the nonprofit sector. She believes that everyone deserves affordable housing. As an outreach worker, Valentina works with people that are experiencing unsheltered homelessness and works on housing goals with those she comes across. Valentina works as an advocate to reduce barriers for folks looking to get into housing.

Valentina attended the University of Iowa and graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor’s in Sociology and a minor in Social Work. Valentina is continuing her education to better serve her community by attending a social work master’s program.

Valentina is from the suburbs of Chicago and has been in Texas for four years, where she has become very passionate about her work. Valentina enjoys fitness and is an avid gym attendee with the hope of implementing fitness into her work.