Najah Clay


Najah Clay - Austin

After graduating high school in 2017, Najah enlisted as an active duty soldier in the US Army. While in the Army she overcame the many adversities, and was able to reach leadership ranks during the training portion of her military career. Some of those accomplishments include Squad Leader, Student Master Sergeant of over 304 soldiers, and an award for her service alongside the base chaplain.

After completing her service honorably, she moved back to Texas and began college where she currently studies Business Administration and plans on taking a second major in Math.

As a philanthropist, she has gotten the opportunity to advocate for survivors of domestic violence with the Genesis Women’s Shelter who also gave her the honor of being the 2021 Jane Doe recipient.

Through work advocating for house insecure people in Austin, Najah has partnered with Lifeworks, an organization that focuses on eliminating youth homelessness in Austin.