Ambar Mendez
Realtor®, RE/MAX Real Estate Results

Ambar Mendez, is currently a Realtor® with Jose Esparza & Associates at RE/MAX Real Estate Results where she has a strong focus on helping those with unconventional identification such as DACA and ITINs. Through the last year, Ambar has had several accomplishments in her first year of real estate and has also gotten her Accredited Commercial Professional Certification. She hopes to help not only those getting their first home, but also investment properties.

Ambar wants to get the right tools to help in a larger capacity and more groups. She also will be looking to gain perspective on other areas she is unfamiliar with to form new initiatives. Real estate related or not, Ambar wants to help those that do not have the knowledge, but have a goal.

Ambar has lived in Arkansas since the age of three and is a product of K-12 from Springdale School District.