Sarah Chamberlain


Creative Director, Frequence

Sarah Chamberlain is currently the Creative Director at Frequence, Inc, an Ad-Tech Startup in Mountain View, CA. Prior to her work at Frequence, Sarah led teams in Washington, DC creating progressive political campaigns and social causes. Prior to leaving for California, Sarah was the last Creative Director for Time-Life and its connected entertainment companies. She has nearly 20 years of experience in branding, web development/design, advertising, software design, and establishing workflow and efficiencies in design work. Sarah believes in fostering confidence and providing mentoring opportunities with teens and young adults. This is on display in both her personal and professional life. She’s created two mentorship programs at Frequence: Woman of Frequence, a group to empower the growth of women within leadership roles and Stop The Silence Take Action, a program to create awareness in racial inequities and educational/mentoring opportunities in the Bay Area. In her free time, she is a passionate advocate for the rights of children, working with non-profits like SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now), Greater DC Cares, Outlet, Adolescent Counseling Services, CASA (Court Appointment Special Advocate), and The Transformation Team (Rehabilitating Formerly Sex Trafficked Youth). Sarah lives in Downtown San Jose, where she builds community with her partner, Jason Pittman, and their daughter, Keriann Louie. They can often be found creating art on their balcony, organizing social events such as this year’s virtual Halloween party, playing music, and generally trying to keep occupied with new and exciting projects.