Nathan Self


Library Circulation Assistant I, Milwaukee Public Library

Nathan Self is a Circulation Assistant at the Milwaukee Public Libraries. With his coworkers, he is trying to revive their Union which has been dormant since ACT 10 passed in 2011. He is drawn to the labor movement because it can unite diverse people in solidarity, create good entry level jobs for ordinary Milwaukeans, and radicalize its members. Together, they are organizing under the American Federation of State and County Municipal Employees (AFSCME - Local 426). Before joining the library and the labor movement, Nathan organized with Common Ground in Sherman Park where he and his neighbors formed a block club and he raised money and support for renovations to Washington High School’s track. He also worked with Common Ground more broadly in Get Out the Vote work and led the turnout of 1200 people for their 10th anniversary rally. He is looking forward to learning better ways of organizing from his fellow NLC Fellows and to be a part of the NLC family across the country. Because he plans to leave Milwaukee to go to graduate school he also values the training in networking and looks forward to connecting with his future local chapter. Nathan is a member of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church and a postulant with the Episcopal Church. If he’s able to become a priest, he dreams of organizing his congregation to support other progressive organizations in his city or town. He enjoys running and reading unlikely books.