Lena Athena


Director of Operations, Marketing and HR, Ignited

Lena Athena is the Director of Operations, Marketing, and HR at Ignited, a local nonprofit focused on increasing accessibility to high-quality education for students of underrepresented backgrounds, where she implements and innovates marketing strategies, HR procedures, and operational systems. Lena's commitment to addressing the needs of our most underserved communities is apparent in her work at Ignited as well as Vice-Chairperson of the Santa Clara County Commission on the Status of Women. There, she led planning for the COVID Community Care mental health event and is Co-Chair of the Equity and Emerging Issues Committee. Lena earned a B.A. in a self-designed Interdisciplinary Major and a minor in Social Work from San Jose State University. The Interdisciplinary Major, Self-Actualization Marketing, explores tools for marketing the value of healthy, ethical, and sustainable products, services, and lifestyle choices centered around both personal and societal growth and progress. In her spare time, Lena loves to draw, dance, learn, spend time in nature, and hang out with her family and goldendoodle.