Kevin Lambert


Field Organizer, North Carolina Democratic Party

Kevin Lambert is a filmmaker, educator, and husband. He currently lives in Richfield, NC. Kevin recently returned to the US after a long stint overseas, married to a lovely South African named Lynne. (They met in South Korea - it’s a long story.) Kevin studied TESOL at School for International Training and Emporia University, and has taught in South Korea, France, Saudi Arabia (Al Yamamah Univ. & SIT Teaching Fellow), as well as in the USA (Los Angeles City College). He most recently taught Business English to executives in Seoul, ROK. Kevin has produced or directed a number or corporate, educational, or personal films including a feature film, “The View from Here” and the short “Caliban’s” which screened at several festivals. Kevin also created the Korea International Expat Film Festival which also hosted monthly/annual branded events: KIXFF Filmmaker's Workshop, KIX48 Film Challenge, and the KIXFF Oscar Party. Kevin has also been an invited speaker and forum host at the Busan International Film Festival. Moving back to the US in March of 2020, Kevin graduated from Organizing Corps 2020 Bootcamp, then finished a campaign cycle with the North Carolina Democratic Party as a Coordinated Campaign Field Organizer. Kevin hopes to continue to work in the fields of cinema, education, and activism. Perhaps even in all three at the same time.