John Drebinger


John Drebinger - 2024 NLC Sacramento Fellow

John Drebinger is a dedicated advocate for health equity, LGBTQ+ inclusion, and government reform. As a proud queer person, he possesses a fervent passion for supporting LGBTQ+ individuals and other marginalized groups. With a career that spans county government, state-level advocacy, and the private sector, Drebinger understands the importance of cross-system collaboration to drive meaningful change. Currently, he focuses on advocating for health equity and governmental reform through the California State Legislature and local Sacramento governmental organizations.

In addition to his advocacy work, Drebinger founded a consulting practice, Equity Centered Consulting, aimed at bridging the gap between governments, nonprofits, social impact businesses, and their end users. Outside of work, John Drebinger is passionate about the environment, enjoying outdoor activities with loved ones and tending to his plants. He lives in Sacramento with his partner and German Shepherd and is dedicated to local organizing and advocacy in the City of Trees.