Derrick Rainey - Arkansas


Derrick Rainey - Arkansas

Derrick M. Rainey is a native son of Arkansas, an alumnus of Parkview Arts & Science Magnet High School, Morehouse College, the Clinton School of Public Service, and the Teacher Training Course at Shady Hill School.

An ordained minister, a classically trained musician, entrepreneur, and education and youth-devoted public servant, Derrick is dedicated to connecting individuals and communities in hopes of solving today's problems for the next generation. As the Chief Legacy Officer of the Seven Generations LLC, he has considered the impact of the decisions we make today on the next seven generations of youth to come.

He is the author of the Nite-Nite Tales: The Adventures of Bubbles children's book series, which is inspired by his daughter - Octavia Simone.

Derrick currently serves as the City of Little Rock's Small Business Development Coordinator, the Youth Pastor of Longley Baptist Church, and is a candidate for Wrightsville, Arkansas Mayor.