Chloe Longmire


Homelinc Program Manager, Guest House Of Milwaukee

Chloe Longmire is a Program Manager with the Homelinc Program, a permanent supportive housing program at Guest House of Milwaukee. She is responsible for leading and overseeing a team of case managers and providing quality and affordable housing with supportive services for chronically homeless individuals. It is her ultimate goal to continue to seek out outcome-based and research focused changes in policies and resources to help end homelessness. She previously served as a Discharge Planning Specialist at Rogers Memorial Hospital. Chloe is an AmeriCorps VISTA alumni, serving in Tampa, FL as a Peer Mentor Coordinator with Graduation Pathways. Chloe has always had a passion for seeing children thrive and it was through this program that she was able to provide support to children through a school-based mentoring and career-readiness program. Chloe is also very proud of completing a full term as an ESL Teacher in Shijizuang, Hebei, China at the Shijizuang School of Economics. This experience led Chloe to graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a B.S. in Rehabilitation Psychology. In 2018, Chloe started a small craft business, Chase My Creations. What began as an opportunity to make original jewelry, has now grown into a multifaceted way to speak out for racial and social justice in her community through apparel. Chloe’s most important role to date is being a mom to vivacious and free-spirited five year old, Chase Brooklyn.