Cesar Arellano


Program Manager, Macias Gini & O'Connell

Cesar Arellano is a project lead and serves on the leadership team for the nonprofit, Code for San Jose. Cesar collaborates with local government and other local organizations on projects to make community services more transparent, accessible, and equitable for all. Currently, he leads the Virtual Services for Inmates project, where he works with the RCP team from San Jose State University to bring virtual services to inmates during the pandemic. Cesar also serves the nonprofit Yacanex Community, where they offer a series of workshops for parents and students to learn about the opportunities and resources on how to go to college, career exploration and professional development. His mission is to widen the tech and business pipeline in the Latinx community, as well create a close-loop mentor system in his communities. As a native of Morgan Hill, Cesar attended San Jose State University as a first generation college student. He also is fond of the Environment and works to make it better for the next generation. With an Environmental Studies and Biology background, Cesar manages Apple’s Electric Vehicle Program nationwide where he works to reduce the company's carbon footprint. As his hobby, Cesar has played in a Mariachi since he was 12 years old. Music has always been a big part of his life and says it allows him to connect more with his culture.