Aron Johnson


Deputy Political Director, Bollier for Kansas

Aron Johnson has spent his entire career organizing for progressive candidates across the country. He started as an intern for Senator Kay Hagan’s reelection campaign in 2014. He worked his way up to become the Deputy Political Director in Kansas for Dr. Barbara Bollier’s U.S. Senate Campaign. Other races Aron has worked on include Hillary Clinton’s 2018 Presidential Campaign in Florida, Senator Claire McCaskill’s 2018 Reelection campaign in Missouri, and Senator Warren’s Presidential Campaign in Nevada Colorado. Aron’s mother (a single parent from Eastern Carolina) became unemployed 2008 recession. She taught him and his siblings the importance of taking civic action to prevent their economic hardship from impacting others’ lives in their community. This life event also fueled and sparked his interest in politics. Mr. Johnson is the first in his family to earn a College Degree and hopes to maintain his involvement with progressive candidates and causes across the state and the country.