Alex DeSena


Street Outreach Specialist, Briarpatch Youth Services

Alex DeSena is a housing advocate and Street Outreach Specialist at nonprofit agency Briarpatch Youth Services. Alex works closely with the community to support young adults who are experiencing homelessness in Dane County, and enjoys her work building relationships with youth and young adults. She's held previous positions as well, including as a youth employment counselor and LGBTQ+ youth group facilitator. Alex is an active member of the Homeless Services Consortium of Dane County, and participates in local advocacy to improve homeless services. Alex strives to continue to expand her work toward ending homelessness and advocating for affordable housing. She looks forward to developing a career in public policy in order to better advocate for long-term solutions to our homelessness crisis. Prior to her current position, Alex received her BA in Sociology and Gender & Sexuality Studies from Cornell College where she took off-campus courses in India, Guatemala and Chicago. She has won two awards from the Iowa Sociological Association for her independent research analyzing queer inclusivity within local Christian congregations, and also developed her passion for wealth and housing inequality. Alex is originally from Los Angeles, but has been living in the Midwest for her adult life. She currently resides in Madison, WI with her partner and new puppy.