Aileen Zhong


Policy Associate, Booster Fuels

Aileen Zhong is the Policy Associate at Booster Fuels, where she introduces sustainable fueling policy solutions in markets across the U.S. In her time with Booster, she has spearheaded policy initiatives in the state of Washington and opened up new markets across the states of California, Washington, and Texas. In addition to Aileen’s work for Booster, she volunteers her time to serve as a State Council Member for her former Employer, IGNITE. Aileen empowers women and the youth to become the next generation of informed leaders because she truly believes it to be the greatest equalizer. At IGNITE, Aileen was tasked to lead the legislative agenda for IGNITE to make an impact at the state and local levels. During her time there she created and led the policy arm of the organization. Additionally, Aileen worked at the Campaign for College Opportunity - an organization dedicated to increasing college graduates in California. During her time there, she worked with numerous college campus leaders from across California to pass student centered legislation. Her efforts resulted in a $60 million allocation from the state budget in 2015 and a $30 million allocation in 2016 for California Community College students to improve basic skills outcomes. Aileen holds a B.A. in Political Science and Sociology from the University of California, Davis.