November 08, 2018

Lauren Underwood (NLC Washington DC) and Kendra Horn (NLC Oklahoma Founding Board) both won their elections for Congress! Lauren won the race for Illinois' 14th District and Kendra won the race for Oklahoma's 5th District. We're SO thrilled for Lauren and Kendra. Will you share these graphics on social media to congratulate them? 

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Mandela Barnes (NLC Wisconsin) and Sarah Godlewski (NLC Wisconsin Advisory Board) both won their statewide elections in Wisconsin! Mandela was elected as the next Lieutenant Governor and Sarah was elected the next State Treasurer. Will you share Mandela's graphic on social media to congratulate him?

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From Freeholders and City Councilors to State House and State Senate to Conservation Districts and School Boards, NLC leaders are affecting change in their communities. We're thrilled to see 62 NLCers about to be sworn in to public office, and we're thrilled that hundreds more NLC leaders plan to run for office by 2020. 

Meet all of the NLC leaders who were elected on Tuesday

Meet the NLC leaders who were elected on Election Day!

Karen Alzate - RI State House, District 60 (NLC Rhode Island ‘16) 

Jimmy Anderson - WI State House, District 47 (NLC Wisconsin Advisory Board)

Loranne Ausley - FL State House, District 9 (NLC National Honorary Co-Chair)           

Jade Bahr - MT State House, District 50 (NLC Montana ‘17)

Mandala Barnes - WI Lieutenant Governor (Wisconsin Founding Board) 

Chaz Beasley - NC State House, District 92 (North Carolina ’14)

Bryce Bennett - MT State Senate, District 50 (Montana Founding Board)

Alessandra Biaggi - NY State Senate, District 34 (NLC NYC ’15)

Michael Blake - NY State House, District 79 (NLC National Honorary Co-Chair)

Christopher M. Blount – Judge, 36 Judicial District Court, Michigan (NLC Detroit ’15)

Sandra Cano - RI State Senate, District 8 (NLC Rhode Island ’14)

Lisa Clancy – St. Louis City Council, District 5 (NLC St. Louis ’13)

David Crowley - WI State House, District 17(NLC Wisconsin Advisory Board)

Dawn Curtis - Orange County Soil and Water Conservation District, District 4 (NLC Orlando ’17)

Ben Diamond - FL State House, District 68 (NLC Tampa Founding Board)

Vincent Dixie - TN State House, District 54 (NLC Nashville ’15)

Sarah Elfreth - MD State Senate, District 30 (Maryland ’16)

Manny Espitia - NH State House, Hillsborough District 31 (New Hampshire ’17)

Victoria Foley- ME State House, District 12 (Maine ’18)

Christina Gagnier - Chino Valley Unified School District Governing Board (NLC Engaged LA) 

Sarah Godlewski - WI State Treasurer (NLC Wisconsin Advisory Board)

Amanda Gourgue - NH State House, Strafford District 25 (NLC New Hampshire ’16)

Liz Hanbidge - PA State House, District 61 (NLC Philadelphia ’17)

Dianne Hesselbein - WI State House, District 79 (NLC Wisconsin Advisory Board)

Kendra Horn - Congress, OK-5 (NLC Oklahoma Founding Board)

Lindsay James - IA State House, District 99 (NLC Wisconsin ’16)

Tim Josephson - NH State House, Grafton District 11 (NLC New Hampshire ’18)

Tim Kaine - U.S. Senate, Virginia (NLC National Honorary Co-Chair)     

Ellen Kamei - Mountain View, CA City Council (NLC Silicon Valley ’12)

Emma Kerr-Carpenter - MT State House, District 49 (NLC Montana ’17)

Deb Kolste - WI State House, District 44 (NLC Wisconsin Advisory Board)

Emily LaDouceur - Berea, KY City Council (NLC Kentucky ’17)

London Lamar - TN State House, District 91 (NLC Nashville ’15)

Stephen Larbi - S Pawtucket, RI School Committee (NLC Rhode Island ’13)

Jamie Long - MN State House, District 61B (NLC Washington DC ’12)

Brenda Lopez - GA State House, District 99 (NLC Atlanta’ 17)

David Lydon - Regional School Unit 14 Board Director (NLC Maine '15)

Fiona Ma - CA State Treasurer (NLC National Honorary Co-Chair)        

Heather Matson - IA State House, District 38 (NLC Des Moines Advisory Board)

NancyMetayer - Broward County Soil and Water Conservation District, District 1 (NLC Broward ’17)

Bill Moen – Camden County, NJ Board of Freeholders (NLC New Jersey ’13)

Bee Nguyen - GA State House, District 89 (NLC Atlanta ’16)

Tram Nguyen - MA State House, District 18 Essex (NLC Boston ’18) 

Nikki Nice - Oklahoma City City Council, Ward 7  (NLC Oklahoma Founding Board) 

Danyahel (Danny) Norris - Harris County Department of Education Trustee  Position 6, Precinct 1 (NLC Houston ’15)

AllisonNutting-Wong - NH State House, Hillsborough District 32 (NLC New Hampshire ’15) 

Jorge Pacheco - Oak Grove School District Board of Trustee Governing Board Member, Area 3 (NLC Silicon Valley ’18)

Will Pearson - NH State House, Cheshire District 16 (NLC New Hampshire ’16)

Lucas Ramirez - Mountain View City Council  (NLC Silicon Valley ’13)

Josie Raymond - KY State House, District 31 (NLC Kentucky ’17)

Melissa Sargent - WI State House, District 48 (NLC Wisconsin Advisory Board) 

Katrina Shankland - WI State House, District 71(NLC Wisconsin Advisory Board)

Justin Slaughter - IL State House, District 27 (NLC Chicago ’15)

Mark Spreitzer - WI State House, District 45 (NLC Wisconsin Advisory Board)

Chris Taylor - WI State House, District 76 (NLC Wisconsin Advisory Board)

Lauren Underwood – Congress, IL-14 (NLC Washington DC ’14)

Elena Vasquez - Pawtucket, RI City Council (NLC Rhode Island ’16)

Veronica Vasquez - TX Probate Court, District 2 (NLC San Antonio Founding Board)

Jessica Vega - Central Falls, RI City Council (NLC Rhode Island ’18)

Austin P.  Vowels - Henderson, KY City Commission (NLC Kentucky ’13)

Jennifer Webb - FL State House, District 69 (NLC Tampa ’16)

Jheanelle Wilkins - MD State House, District 20 (NLC Washington DC ’15; Maryland  Advisory Board) 

Nikema Williams - GA State Senate, District 39 (NLC Atlanta ’17)

We're also thrilled to share that NLC National honorary co-chairs Tim Kaine, Fiona Ma, Michael Blake and Loranne Ausley all won elections on Tuesday. U.S. Senator Kaine, Assembly Member Blake, and State Representative Loranne Ausley were re-elected, and Fiona Ma was elected as the next Treasurer of California!