Twin Cities

  • Alyssa Greene

    Alyssa Greene

    Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC), Cultivate Counseling and Wellness
  • Angelina Nguyen

    Angelina Nguyen

    Director of Research & Statistics, Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry
  • Ashley Wirth-Petrik
  • Biftu Bussa

    Biftu Bussa

    Community Representative, The Office of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar
  • Brooke Alexander

    Brooke Roper

    Program Manager, City of Minneapolis Step Up Youth Employment Program
  • Christa Mims

    Christa Mims

    Disparity Reduction, Education Domain Lead, Hennepin County
  • Elizabeth Taylor-Schiro

    Elizabeth Taylor-Schiro

    Health Educator/PhD Student, Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center/University of Minnesota
  • Henry Adebisi
  • Janiru Herath
  • Jessica Reyes
  • Kenneth Scales

    Kenneth Scales

    Donor and Government Relations Manager, Northside Achievement Zone
  • Khadra Farah
  • Mylene Culbreath

    Mylene Culbreath

    Associate Director, Diversity & Inclusion Consulting, University of Minnesota
  • Naomi Alemseged

    Naomi Alemseged

    Constituent Outreach Coordinator, City of Saint Paul - Office of Mayor Melvin Carter
  • Rania Ahmed

    Rania Ahmed

    Emergency Department Technician, Ridgeview Medical Center
  • Ruth Cardenas

    Ruth Cardenas

    TRIO Student Support Services Academic Adviser, University Of Minnesota
  • Saba Andualem
  • Saraya Boghani
  • Selam Tilahun

    Selam Tilahun

    Research Scientist, Minnesota Department of Health
  • Shundrice Tucker
  • Thomas Rupp

    Thomas Rupp

    Senior Financial Management Analyst, Hennepin County
  • Zachary Hylton