Zoraida Cordero
Human Service Coordinator, Philadelphia Anti-Drug/ Anti-Violence Network

Zoraida Cordero is a devoted aspiring Social Worker in the city of Philadelphia. Her passion stems from her knowledge and understanding of minorities, and the communities they live in. Although, there are policies and resources in place to provide support, she knows that for many people and families this event is still not enough. There is a system that is in place and at times, it seems to can create more limitations and barriers, than positive outcomes. The impact continues to reflect in communities. This event has generated a deep concern for current disparities related to race, immigration, insurance, environment, education, nutrition, housing, government assistance, employment, and incarceration. Additionally, the negative effects of illegal drug distributions and substance abuse in the City. Furthermore, the increase of senseless violence, and gun violence. The actions that continue to take place, do not take into consideration individuals and trauma.

These concerns have pushed her to be more dedicated and compassionate with the work that she does. Instead of feeling defeated or discouraged, Zoraida uses this to be voice an represent all whom she's serve. She knows that many time's community members she interacts with feel misguided, underrepresented and misunderstood. She uses their experiences, and their stories to articulate their current needs. She wants to ensure their concerns are heard and address accordingly. Zoraida is up for the challenge even if it means questioning current policies, city officials, organizations, and stakeholders. Her background, knowledge, and passion have prepared her to take a stand in doing what is humanely and morally right. She is just and fair, and will remain that way in all that she does.