Zachary Hylton
He/ Him/His
Senior Policy Analyst, Ramsey County

Zachary Hylton currently serves as a Senior Policy Analyst for the Ramsey County County Manager's Office. In this role, he works with government leadership and the community on a number of different policy and strategic initiatives across the county. His work ranges from homelessness and housing, to countywide performance measurement, to criminal justice system transformation, all with an emphasis on addressing racial equity and engaging community at decision making tables.

Before taking on this position, Zachary partnered with the Ramsey community to develop system evaluations and plan response efforts to end homelessness across the county. Building local policy and collaborating with service providers throughout the region, he helped coordinate the homelessness system to better respond to the housing stability need in the metro area.

Prior to this role, Zachary also worked in Ramsey County Juvenile Probation where he completed an evaluation of the out-of-home placement process for youth and recommended reforms to policies and procedures impacting youth. This led to significant reform to the probation strategy and placement process within Ramsey's juvenile system.

Zachary also has professional experience domestically and abroad in community organizing, research, evaluation, and strategic planning. In Dakar, Senegal, he worked with USAID, leading an international team to build evaluation tools for a local transparency NGO. Zachary was also a community organizer in East Cleveland, Ohio, focusing on abandoned/vacant housing issues across the city.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Zachary studied Chinese at the National Taiwan Normal University, completed his undergraduate degree at St. Olaf College, and received a Master of Development Practice from the University of Minnesota's Humphrey School of Public Affairs. He also serves as the board Chair for Minnesota Community Care, a board member for Minnesota Engagement on Shelter and Housing, and for Minnesotans Standing Together to End Poverty and Homelessness.