Zachary El-Sawaf
He/ Him/His
Attorney, Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur LLP

Zach El-Sawaf is an attorney who spends his days engaged in complex commercial litigation and his nights working in the community with social and political groups to bring progressive change to his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Zach was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Born to a mixed race household, he grew up with a different perspective from his peers that has often given him a unique perspective when examining issues. That perspective served him well during the 12 years he attended catholic schools despite being non-religious. His distinct viewpoint allowed him to view problems and situations more holistically and objectively and find solutions others had not even considered.

Zach's interest in politics blossomed while in high school when he found that most of his peers were quite conservative, while he tended to be much more progressive. Often being the sole progressive voice in the room, his opinions were often challenged, which forced Zach to truly examine his beliefs and what he stood for. During high school, he was also very active in student leadership and the community service, including going on a service mission trip.

His political interest continued developing in college at Notre Dame, where he studied political science and was involved in his first political campaign helping Joe Donnelly win Indiana's 2nd District — the first Democrat to win that district in more than 12 years. He also continued working in the Cincinnati community at the non-profit Easter Seals Work Resource Center, working with inner city youth to prepare for life after high school.

Eventually, Zach's interest in law led him to the University of Cincinnati, where he was involved in various community activities and worked during his first summer and entire second year for the Ohio Innocence project, helping to get wrongfully convicted people out of prison. His interest in the courtroom eventually led him to private practice in the areas of complex commercial and insurance litigation, though he remained active in civic and social programs. Finally, he took a break from private practice to help work on the Jill Schiller for Congress campaign in 2018. While that campaign was unsuccessful, it laid the groundwork for Jill to again run for office for Hamilton County Treasurer. Zach hopes to help Jill become the first female treasurer in Hamilton County history with his role as treasurer on her 2020 campaign.