Yaron Schwartz
He/ Him/His
Senior Manager, Tent Partnership for Refugees

Yaron Schwartz is a social impact professional and community organizer. He is currently a Senior Manager for Private Sector Partnerships at the Tent Partnership for Refugees, the personal foundation of the CEO of Chobani, focused on mobilizing the business community to support refugees worldwide. Yaron leads Tent's work in Latin America in response to the Venezuelan and Central American refugee crises, motivating multinational companies to support over 100,000 refugees in the region to date. Yaron also manages Tent's government relations initiatives focused on utilizing the influence of the business community to advocate on behalf of refugees' legal work rights.

Prior to joining Tent, Yaron worked at Deloitte in a consulting and public policy role focused on projects related to corruption, youth unemployment and immigration. He previously worked for a member of the UK Parliament and a public affairs consultancy and served as a blogger at the Huffington Post.

Yaron is a National Security Fellow with Truman National Security Project and a New Leader with the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. In addition, Yaron is a board member of the Council of Young Jewish Presidents and the Jewish Community Center of Manhattan's Center for Jewish Life. In June 2019, he was named by the Atlantic Council as one of twenty five LGBTI Next Generation Leaders to Watch.

Yaron has a BA in International Studies and History from Yale University and a MSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics, where he was a Fulbright Scholar researching the European Union's foreign policy towards North Africa and the Middle East.